Be Prepared For Your Off Grid Adventure

We love helping people get ready for their summer camping trips. Every year we are seeing more and more people going off grid. When you have an RV, it is easier than ever but you need to be prepared. Before you head out into the beautiful parks and forests of Ontario, make sure your RV is equipped with the best batteries for your off grid needs.

Which Battery Is Best For Camping Off Grid With My RV?

Most RVs run on 12 volt DC (direct current) deep-cycle electrical energy. This can be enough to power some smaller RV systems and appliances, but not all of them. — RV Battery Charging 101

We always have choices for you at Peterborough Battery. There is no exception when it comes to RV batteries. While most RVs run on 12 volt deep-cycle batteries, it is also possible to power your RV with a twin 6 volt unit. The twin 6 volt battery gives you more power for longer. It is more expensive up front, however, it may be the best choice for you when going off grid because you will have fewer opportunities to re-charge your RV batteries.

Off grid RV camping by the ocean

Off grid RV camping is becoming more and more popular. It is an amazing way to see the country. Make sure you equip your RV with the best battery for the job.

Choosing The Best Battery For Your Off Grid RV Camping

There are a different factors to consider when you are deciding which battery to invest in for your RV. It’s important to think about things like:

  • length of your trip
  • time and distance between charging stations
  • what equipment in your RV is powered by battery and how often you will be using it

When it comes down to it, your best bet it to come in to Peterborough Battery and talk to an expert. We known batteries and we love helping people get set up for amazing off grid RV camping.