Intimidator AGM

Advanced Absorbed Glass Mat Technology

The ULTIMATE in vehicle starting and accessory power!

Great for quick starts and plenty of competition quality accessory power for stereo systems, hydraulic lifts, winches, on board electronics and many other power demands.


    • Dual purpose starting and cycling power
    • Spill proof and leak proof
    • Greater resistance to shock and vibration
    • Faster high performance starts and faster recharge times

Advanced AGM Technology provides superior dual purpose power and significantly longer life than conventional flooded batteries. Its tight pack construction provides greater resistance to shock and vibration, making this type of battery excellent for off-road use. AGM batteries excel for high current, high power applications in extremely cold environments. In addition, their maintenance-free properties make them ideal for remote applications where it is not always convenient to service the battery on a regular basis. Because gassing is virtually non-existent, AGM batteries are safer to use around sensitive electronic equipment. AGM batteries self-discharge at a lower rate than flooded batteries, making them ideal for seasonal applications where the battery is stored for part of the year.

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