Why Is Your Key FOB Dead?

It’s frustrating when our gadgets don’t work. Often, it is because the battery powering them has died. There are some common reasons why batteries die. For example, a battery can drain due to improper use or storage. It can also simply have come to the end of it’s life!  Every battery is different. While this may be the case for your key FOB, there is another reason it could be dead and, in this case, you might have to think outside the box.

Are Magnets Draining Your Battery?

Have you ever been told to keep magnets away from things like your computer or credit cards? That is because under some circumstances, magnets can cause damage to batteries. Depending on how strong the electromagnetic field is, your batteries could be at risk. You might be surprised to know how many magnets are in your home. For example, do you typically put your keys down on top of your fridge? It’s a pretty common spot for them to go but it could be part of the reason your key FOB is dead.

We Can Replace Your Key FOB Battery In Minutes.

Whatever the reason your key FOB is dead, Peterborough Battery can help you out. We have a huge variety of batteries on site, including batteries for your key FOB. Come on in and we can look it over for you. We can test the battery and, if it is dead, we can sell you a new one and install it for free.  It only takes a few minutes and we are always happy to help! In the meantime, try setting your key FOB down on a table or in a dish. You never know! It may help keep the battery running longer.