Which Type Of Battery Do I Need?

Here at Peterborough Battery we don’t just sell batteries. We are here to help make sure that you have the right battery for the job. Often, that means taking the time to find out about your project or vehicle so that we can make the best suggestions. We love it when our customers come in with questions and hands down, one of the questions we get most often is “What is the difference between a cranking battery and a deep cycle battery?”

What Makes Cranking Batteries Different From Deep Cycle Batteries?

There are two main types of batteries that we sell and service here in the shop: Cranking Batteries and Deep Cycle Batteries. We go into the differences between these types of battery in depth in the Batteries 101 page of the website. In a nutshell, the difference between these two types of battery comes down to power and usage.

Cranking Batteries Vs. Deep Cycle Batteries

Cranking Batteries are what your vehicle uses to start its engine. They are designed to give short bursts of full power and then to be recharged by an alternator before doing their job again. If a Cranking Battery is used to deliver lower levels of power over a long period of time, it may literally be torn apart on the inside.

A Deep Cycle Battery, on the other hand, delivers lower amounts of current over longer periods of time. This type of battery powers “auxiliary loads” such as house power (lights, radios, TVs, fridges and other “home comfort” appliances). These are a great battery for your RV, for example.

Deep Cycle Battery lighting up an RV at night

Deep Cycle Batteries are great for running lights and small appliances in your RV.

Combination Batteries: The Best Of Both Worlds

Sometimes, you need power now and power that lasts. Peterborough Battery’s dual purpose batteries provide a combination of starting and cycling power – the best of both worlds. They are constructed very similarly to a true deep cycle battery, yet also have a high enough CCA rating for ample starting power. This makes them ideal in RV and some marine applications. Come in to the shop with your questions and talk to an expert about which battery is best for you.