Think Green. Recycle Batteries!

Peterborough Battery is your one-stop-shop for anything battery related. We have an amazing selection of batteries and accessories.  From “big” batteries for your car, RV, or boat right down to “little” batteries for flashlights or smoke detectors, we’ve got you covered. But, what happens to all of these batteries when they die? We recycle batteries, and this is why.

Why Is It Important To Recycle Batteries?

Batteries for cars, RVs, or boats have a lot of different parts and many of the parts are no good for the environment. For example, your average car battery has 18 pounds of lead, two pounds of plastic and a gallon of acid. Imagine the damage that could do if it leached out into the earth.  That is why recycling batteries is important. Because we take our environmental responsibilities seriously, we are authorized recyclers for lead-acid batteries.

From Your Car To A Farmer’s Field.

Yes, you read that right. The US based company we deal with recycles every part of your old batteries. For example, they can recycle plastic parts and melt down and re purpose lead to make new terminals. They can even separate the fluids from the battery and turn it into fertilizer for local farmers!

Battery solutions recylced into fertilizer for feilds

Responsible disposal and recycling of batteries is important to us.

How Can You Recycle Your Old Batteries?

We offer a Community Drop Off Service to help make sure lead acid batteries are safely recycled in a government approved recycling facility. If you have old or unwanted batteries, bring them by the store. Help us keep batteries out of landfill. Recycle.