Are Your Worried Your Battery Is Dying?

Your battery is only a few years old but it’s already dying. We talk to our customers about this all the time. Unfortunately, batteries are not built to last forever. Your average battery only has an expected life of between three and ten years. How long it lasts depends a lot on how it is used and how well it is maintained.

What Affects The Life Of A Battery?

When a customer comes in to ask about a dying battery, some of the questions we talk to them about are:

  • How many ignition cycles does the car typically go through daily, weekly, and monthly?
  • Does it do a lot of short runs?
  • Have there been any problems with the alternator or the engine itself?
  • Has the battery been run all the way down? How often has this happened?
  • Is the battery ever stored seasonally? How is it charged during that time?

This helps us get a sense of how the battery is being used and the effect that might have had on its longevity.

hour glass representing the limited time a battery has

Batteries are not built to run forever. Most batteries have only three to ten years to run. Proper maintenance is critical in prolonging the life of your battery.

Batteries Are Not Built To Last Forever.

The reality is that as soon as the battery is connected and started for the first time, it begins to disintegrate from the inside out. Now, that might sound dramatic but it’s true. Batteries run on chemical reactions. They are filled with an acidic solution. All of this takes a toll on the different components of the battery. When the battery is worked hard, improperly charged, or in need of maintenance, it makes sense that it would have a shorter life expectancy.

Worried Your Battery is Dying? 

Come in and see us as soon as you notice a problem with your battery. The sooner we can test the battery and look it over, the more chance we have of nipping the issue in the bud. We have the expert knowledge to help you discover the problem. Moreover, if your battery is dead we can recycle it for you and help you choose a replacement.