What Do I Do With My Batteries In The Off Season?

This is probably one of the most commonly asked questions we get from our customers. Taking care of your battery not only prolongs it’s life but it may help maintain your warranty as well! If you’re a Snow Bird heading down south to get away from winter or an RV or boat owner that is packing up at the end of the season,you need to take care of your batteries in the off season so that they don’t die on you.

Storing Your Batteries In The Off Season.

The first thing to think about when you are packing up for the winter is how to store your batteries. Ideally, you want them to be disconnected and stored somewhere cool and dry. For example, if your garage is insulated you could store your battery there on a shelf. If not, you could consider storing your batter in your basement or workshop.

Charging Your Batteries In The Off Season.

Another important thing to consider while you are preparing your battery for off season storage is keeping it charged. You do not want to leave your battery plugged in to a charger continuously. Overcharging your battery is one of the most common reasons batteries die. The best way to maintain your battery during the off season is to charge it once a month overnight.

Boats moored for the winter.

Boats and RVs are tons of fun in the warmer weather. To make sure you will have another summer of fun, storing and charging their batteries in the off season is important.

Monthly Charging Too Much Hassle? No Sweat. We’ll Do It For You. 

If you don’t want the job of charging your battery monthly or simply can’t do it because you are away for the season, that’s O.K. We’ll do it do it for you. Peterborough Battery offers seasonal battery storage and maintenance. Just leave your battery with us and we will make sure it is charged and ready when you are.