Are You Thinking About Solar Power?

Solar panels are a great way to get power to your out buildings, RV or while you are camping. Here at Peterborough Battery we have a great selection of Plug and Play Solar Panels. They are easy to use and easy to charge. For example, they will generate a charge in just about any kind of light including moon light if it’s bright enough! All you have to do is hook the panels up to a deep cycle battery, and you are ready to use solar power.

How Can I Use Solar Panels?

There are a million different ways to use your solar panels. Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Lights, fans, and speakers to make your RV or cottage more comfortable
  • Run your laptop or charge your phones and tablets while camping with the kids
  • Cut down on generator fuel for off grid living (check out this off grid set up!)

Why Is Solar Power Becoming More Popular?

Solar power has a number of benefits. First of all, it’s a clean and renewable energy source. Once you have your panels and battery set up, you are good to go. Having a solar power system can also save you money. Being able to top up batteries with solar panels instead of a generator means you will use less fuel. Finally, most solar “plug and play” solar panels are portable which means you can set them up and take them down easily.

RV Camper lit up with solar power at night in the forest

With solar panels to keep your batteries charged, getting off-grid on your next camping adventure is easier than ever.

Find Out More About How Solar Panels Are Right For You

We have everything you need to get started using solar power.

  • Solar panels ranging from 10 watts to 80 watts
  • A wide variety of batteries for your solar set up, and
  • Inverters ranging from 350 watts to 3000 watts

Come in to the store and talk to one of our friendly staff. We are always here to help you get set up for your next adventure!