Batteries Contain Lead and Other Hazardous Materials

Imagine the environmental damage that can be caused by carelessly discarding 18 pounds of lead, two pounds of plastic and a gallon of acid the average contents of a lead acid battery. Fortunately, scrap lead-acid batteries can be safely recycled. In fact, they have been recycled since the 1920s, and today these batteries have a higher recycling rate than other waste products such as aluminum, paper and beverage containers made of glass or plastic, to name a few. Over 98% of all used batteries are recycled today.

Peterborough Battery is an authorized recycler for lead-acid batteries and we offer a Community Drop Off Service to help ensure lead acid batteries are safely recycled in a government approved recycling facility. Do your part to keep our community clean and safeguard the environment for future generations by bringing us your used automotive and other small engine lead-acid batteries for safe and environmentally friendly recycling.